Tips to maintain wood flooring

Aesthetic appeal, durability and the strength has made wood flooring the most loved and the preferred option by the homeowners these days.

Here are a few tips and trick which will help you in maintaining the wood flooring.

Soft rugs and doormats should be used to keep the herringbone engineered flooring clean and tidy. Lifting of furniture rather than dragging them is preferred as dragging can cause scratches on the floor. Use of glue felt pads in the legs of the furniture becomes a necessity as this prevents it from movement and scratches. On being exposed to harsh sunlight, the wpc flooring may change colour so it is advised to use heavy curtains or light shielding materials such as blinds, etc to prevent the floor from being directly exposed to the sunlight. This will help in maintaining the original colour of your floor for a longer duration.

In order to keep your floor clean, try to sweep the floor daily and vacuum clean the floor weekly to keep the floor clean and the dust off your houses. Abrasive cleaners such as ammonia, alkaline solutions, etc are harsh on the wooden surface as they cause various kinds of chemical reactions. Therefore, they must never be used on the wood floors as this may leave your floor looking dull and decoloured of your houses. Make sure that you use mild detergents which as soft on the surface of the floors and this will help in increasing the longevity of the wooden floors of your houses.

If you are looking for the right lacquered engineered flooring option for your house then please read the infographic  below:-

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