The History of Watch Fashion: A Timeline of Trendy Timepieces

The Era of Early Watches

In the early 1900s men’s affordable watches were used by military personals to keep check on their timings for training exercises and other operations. While 1905 saw the birth of the watch brand named Rolex founded by Young Hans Wildorf and 1923 brough the self-winding wrist watch with itself which was also the first automatic watch in the history.

The Iconic Era

Strong and sporty watches came into fashion in the year 1953 which was the launching year of Rolex submariner which was followed by the launch of the quartz revolution watches in the year 1969. The Seiko Astron watch was launched in this year which was also the first watch to have the added feature of vibrations as well. It was made from the electric driven quartz crystal. The Royal Oak- which was world’s first watch made with stainless steel was made by Audermars Piguet and the Pulsar P1- world’s first ever LED watch came into being in the year 1972 was introduced by the Hamilton Watch Company. This era definitely saw two different firsts come into being.

The Era of Fashion Tech

In 1982, Seiko introduced a watch which broadcast TV on it which was further upgraded with the feature of TV broadcasting along with the added feature of SMS on it. And the, the latest addition to the series are the apple smart watches which are the elegant and affordable watches for women as well has the capacity to carry out all the commands that a smartphone can do in today’s date.

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