The Anatomy of a Starter Makeup Kit

Makeup starts with the application of primer and it aims to minimize the pores, cover up the creases around the eyes, etc so that makeup can last for a longer time. The second product to be applied is the concealer which focuses on correcting the colour of the skin wherever required. Next in line is the contouring palette which is used for giving a more defined look to the facial features. Ranging from neutral to the bright shades, the eyeshadow palette consists of all the colours to brighten up your eyes followed by the lipstick which is the essential part of any make up. It is also available in shades ranging from bolder ones to the nude ones. Brow kit and eyeliner are used to magnify the eyes. The eye liners are available in various types such as the liquid one of the pencils one. All this is followed by a finishing powder at the end which helps in setting your makeup to give a perfect and complete look. Mascara is applied once all this is done so that it covers up and makes your lashes to appear thick and long. You can easily buy cheap Barry M makeup products or other branded makeup products online from sites such as FCP, etc.

There are a number of tools which are very important for makeup which includes various kinds of brushes such as fan, angular, contour, concealer, fan foundation, medium foundation brushes, etc. The other important tool is the beauty blender which is primarily used for mixing and blending the various kinds of products post application. Makeup also requires the used of certain additional accessories as well such as the scissors, eye curlers, tweezers, sharpener, etc.

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