Sustainable Packaging is Sensible Packaging

These days the customers are paying attention to whatever items they use and make sure that the items used by them are green and eco- friendly in nature. The same goes with the packaging companies as well and this is the reason why most of the companies today are selling packaging materials made up of recycled paper. Discussed below are a few amazing facts about the packaging companies.

Companies famous for sustainable packaging

Apple is one such company known for sustainable packaging and has from the last two generations reduced the weight of their packaging by 34%. Kellogg’s, the cornflakes selling company too is known for using minimal plastic and almost 76% of the materials used for its packaging can be recycled as they are kind of cardboard postal boxes. Zara, another clothing giant is also known for its sustainable packaging materials and aspires to be 100% free of landfill activities by 2025. Coco- cola- the soft drink brand too made numerous efforts to reduce its plastic and aluminium usage by 25% and 30% respectively.

The trend on packaging sustainability

These days the packaging materials come with the thorough instructions on how to use and dispose them and the claims made by the company are clear and transparent in nature. These days most of the companies are aiming to use lightweight materials for packaging and recycle and use the used materials as well.

Important properties of sustainability

Less materials are used in manufacturing the removal boxes or other such materials used for packaging which are low inn density and therefore less harmful. For the sourcing and the transportation purposes, renewable source of energy is used. Best environmental practices are kept in mind amidst the process of manufacturing of materials used for packaging. The market criteria for the overall cost and performance too are met with the help of these practices.

For more detailed explanation on the sustainable packaging please read the infographic Below:-

Sustainable packaging

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