GARNET : The January Birthstone

Looking for the best engagement rings UK? These days people are opting for gemstone engagement rings. In short, gemstone engagement rings are on trend everywhere. So you can get the best engagement ring having colourful gemstones for your partner. Gemstone comes with a lot of good, positive and healing properties. It works better if you wear it as per your zodiac sign or birth month.

So, you can get a gemstone engagement ring for your partner as per their zodiac sign or birth month. People born in the month of January are suggested to wear Garnet gemstones. Also, people having zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius are asked to wear this gemstone for good physical and mental health, for prosperity and wealth.

January Birthstone : The Garnet

Although diamond eternity rings are still on trend, gemstone eternity rings have started marking their presence in the jewellery market. It means apart from engagement rings, you can now have gemstone eternity rings as well. If you are looking for a gemstone eternity ring and your partner is born in the month of January, then a Garnet eternity ring is the best option. The most popular colour for this gemstone is dark red. But it is available in some other colours as well, such as, pink, green, yellow, orange, black and brown. Just like other gemstones, Garnet also comes with a very enriching history and it has many important characteristics that help people born in the month of January on the long run. It symbolises truth, purity, faithfulness and friendship.

Whether you are purchasing diamond engagement rings or gemstone bridal ring sets in UK make sure that you are purchasing it from an authentic jewellery shop. AG & Sons is one of the most famous jewellery shops in the UK where you will get different types of jewellery in the metals yellow gold, rose gold and platinum having different types of diamonds and gemstones. The infographic below explains the history, interesting facts, characteristics, etc., of the Garnet gemstone

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