Everything You Need to Know About Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes are prefabricated box primarily used for packaging and can be recycled. Corrugated cardboard boxes come in different variety in terms of size and thickness. These boxes are used for packing different types of products as per the requirement. These can be customized as per product shape and size to reduce the risk of damage during transit. Customized boxes also help you in increasing brand awareness. There are numerous benefits of using cardboard boxes that can help you gain a competitive edge over your competition.

Types of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Now that you know what are corrugated cardboard removal boxes, let us head straight towards the types of boards available in the market.

  • Single Face – These type of boards are made up of one sheet. Liner is attached or adhered to a sheet of corrugated board. These are used as cushioning and are wrapped around the products for damage protection.
  • Single Wall – These is the most common type of board that is easily available and can be used for everything from shipping boxes to retail displays. These are made using a sheet of corrugated medium glued in between two liner sheet.
  • Double Wall – When two sheets of the corrugated medium are glued between three sheets of liner double wallboards are made. These are used for products that require strong protection.
  • Triple wall – Three sheets of the corrugated medium is glued between four sheets of the liner. This is the strongest board out of all the boards and is used for industrial purposes.

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Power of cardboard boxes in the field of packaging is undeniable. If you need boxes that offer superior strength and durability, you might want to consider double wall cardboard boxes.

Double-wall cardboard boxes are studier and rugged. Like single wall cardboard box, the double-wall box is also made up of fluted paper sheets glued between liner papers. The major difference between single and double wall boxes is that double walls have two fluted sheets rather than just one.

  • Fluted Sheet- The fluted sheet is made using Kraft paper sheet. The flute helps to give the board its corrugation, and it adds protection, padding and rigidity to box walls.

When to use double wall cardboard boxes

These are a great choice for heavy products or products that need more protection. Double-wall boxes can also be used for storing products at warehouses as long-term stacking and storing is possible with them.

When to avoid Using Double wall cardboard boxes

If you do not have to store products for a longer period or the products you are shipping are lightweight and cannot be broken easily then it is advisable to use single wall cardboard boxes as they typically do a fine job for packing and moving or storing lightweight products or goods. Using double-wall boxes may not be worth the extra investment in terms of cost.

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