Advantages of On Site Spray Painting

Spray painting is used in different industries. These can be used for painting structures, furniture, aircraft and machinery. Spray painting used for coating commercial buildings is way better than painting. It is faster and provides a more durable finish. Spray paint dries much more quickly than brushed-on paint and can be used on any surface including wood, metal, wicker, plastic and resin.

How Does Spray Painting Works

In spray painting, paint is stored in a pressurized container and dispensed using a valve to release a mixture of paint and a propellant, usually pressurized gas or compressed air. This results in popping out fine paint granules that are easily applied to a variety of surfaces.

Advantages of On Site Spray Painting

Reduces Wastage

Nowadays new spray technique of high volume and low pressure has been introduced. The HVLP spray does not use a large compressor to supply air to convert paint into fine particles. They use a lightweight air turbine through which air is supplied with low pressure and low speed. This helps to reduce the overspray and reduce wastage providing much cleaner spray in comparison to conventional spray painting.

Great Finish

With great accuracy and precision, spray paint does all its work. The sprays have highly controllable spray patterns which makes it more efficient in creating quality finish. The spray creates a smooth coating of paint on the desired surface without creating any unwanted bumps and dips. In fact, with spray paint, no two or three repeated coatings are required to get a perfect finish.

Versatility, Speed and Efficiency

The spraying equipment provides increased application speed and transfer function and is often used in factory finish shops and commercial buildings. It is also efficient in painting large surfaces such as the commercial floor, ceiling or roller doors very quickly. Its versatility lies on adjustability, that lets you fine-tune the different elements of paint application. It allows you to control spreading the paint as per the pattern.

Note: Although spray painting has great advantages over traditional paintings, it is necessary to take proper measures before starting the site spraying work, such as cleaning, degreasing, removal of loose and delaminating, sanding, masking and sheeting any areas that are not to be painted.

Spray painting is way ahead when comes to efficiency and functionality. ARS is a well known UK based home improvement service provider. They have highly trained professionals and provide high-quality site spraying services. They make sure that commercial buildings are coated as per the latest standard techniques and solutions.

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