7 Festivals Celebrating Gothic Subculture


Gothic fashion style is unique and different from other fashion styles all across the world. This fashion style is bold, dramatic, expressive, dark and spooky. It may seem to be melancholic to many, but it is lively and charming in its own way. It gives a ghastly vibe but makes the person look powerful and confident. In this fashion, everything from clothes to accessories are in dark and bold colours. Black is the signature colour of this fashion, however, other bold colours such as, purple, burgundy, blood red, violet, orange, silver grey and so on are immensely popular. Therefore, you will find several gothic dresses, such as a gothic blouse or a gothic dress either in black or in other bold colours. Not only that, different gothic accessories such as gothic candle holders, gothic handbags and so on are spooky and in bold colours.


Gothic fashion is inspired from gothic subculture. Gothic subculture came into existence with the emergence of punk rock bands in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Punk rock bands are further inspired from gothic architecture, art and literature of mediaeval Europe. With every decade, gothic fashion comes with something innovative and different. In short, this fashion style keeps on evolving with different eras. The gothic fashion of today is entirely different from the gothic fashion of the ‘90s or that of the Victorian era. In the contemporary era, the dresses and accessories used are dramatic, but simple and minimal. A simple dress in dark and bold colour, minimal makeup and jewellery are sufficient to get a spooky vibe. Full sleeve tattoos and piercings are the most important elements of today’s gothic fashion. In everyday gothic look, dark coloured jeans or dark coloured gothic skirt with a normal top is sufficient to get an expressive and bold look.


Formal goth is something that is becoming a trend. It is nothing but a gothic look meant for people working in the corporate sectors. The outfits that they wear are formal but in dark colours. Jordash Clothing is an online store in the UK where you will get different types of gothic outfits such as gothic cape, fishnets, gothic dresses and so on and different types of gothic accessories of your choice. The infographic below explains the 7 festivals celebrating gothic subculture which you can attend and get a chance to wear different types of gothic outfits.

Gothic fashion

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